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Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

The next episode began with a simple challenge to determine who could toss a frisbee the furthest. James easily won the event, followed by Jenny, Chris, then Katie.

Feeling confident about his abilities, James went first in the next event, which was a test of physical and mental endurance. Each survivor had to hold a two liter bottle of sea water in each hand, keeping their arms straight out to their sides. James finally lowered his arms after 3 minutes and 6 second. Next up was Jenny, who held the weight for 1 minute and 28 seconds. After much coaxing to just attempt the event, Katie held the bottles for 6 seconds, gaining what turned out to be a very important participation point. Last to go was Chris, who at first intended only to try and do better than Jenny's time. However, the onlooking crowd began to cheer him on in hopes that he could eclipse the standard set by James. Visibly struggling at two minutes into the challenge, the cheering grew even louder as the crowd hoped for an upset. Chris was able to hold the bottles up 4 seconds longer than James.

The next challenge involved different stages that tested how well the survivors could guess different measurements, with the top estimators in each stage moving on and earning more points. The first task for the survivors was to collect exactly enough seashells to equal the weight of an eight ounce fishing weight. Jenny's guess was perfect, while Chris was withing a quarter of an ounce. Katie's guess was one and a half ounces short, but James was two ounces over and he managed to earn only one point for the event. The next stage of the event was for the survivors to gather 23 feet of fishing line. Katie pulled 25 feet of the spool, while Jenny pulled just short of 20 feet. Chris pulled over 30 feet of line, leaving Jenny and Katie left in the event. The next event would have the survivors trying to guess as closely as possible as to when five minutes had elapsed. However, Katie was able to persuade Jenny to let her win the final stage. The points earned not only allowed Katie to move on to the next round of Survivor-Galvest, but it also eliminated James from the next round by exactly one point (had Katie not attempted the bottle holding event or had Chris not won that event, Katie and James would have tied for the fewest points in the round). Viewing James as a greater threat, Jenny decided that her chances would be better by letting Katie advance. Thus the third episode ended with the following results:
Jenny: 10 points
Chris: 9 points
Katie: 9 points
James: 8 points
Despite finishing at the top of the first two episodes, James was eliminated from the next round.