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Before the final event round, each competitor grabbed their opponent's spear and threw it as far as they could. Then the ousted survivors voted on the competitor they thought should start the final event with a disadvantage. Jenny was the only castaway to not vote for Katie to receive the disadvantage.

The final event was a race that required the final two survivors to start at a cone, retrieve their spear, return to the cone and race out into the sea to retrieve a weighted buoy while still carrying their spear. Then the had to bring their buoy and spear back to shore and dig in the sand for a burried whistle. The first one to blow their whistle would be decalred the winner of Survivor-Galveston.

The disadvantage required Katie to pull a ten pound weight approximately twenty feet before she could retrieve her spear. Instead of simply pulling the weight with her arms, she chose to pull the weight by running with her body, which may have cost her a few seconds. With the disadvantage, Katie was the second to retrieve her spear, as Chris had already returned to the cone before Katie had the spear in her hands. However, Chris dropped his spear at the cone and began running into the surf to retrieve his buoy. Realizing the error, he returned to the cone to pick up his spear. Taking advantage of the mistake, Katie was slightly ahead of Chris when she picked up her buoy. Chris managed to get a little bit ahead of Katie on the way back to the beach. Katie dug quickly and had just grabbed her whistle when Chris blew on his, winning Survivor-Galveston by less than a second.

With the sun beginning to set on the final night on the island, Chris stood triumphantly on the beach basking in his well-earned victory.