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Each episode consists of a series of challenges that the survivors must complete in order to move on to the next round. Visit this page to read the recap of each of the episodes, as well as read previews about the upcoming episodes. To read one of the episode recaps, click on the episode number located on the left part of the screen.

Each task falls into one of three categories: Outplay, Outwit, or Outlast.

Outplay challenges are contests of skill. Physical prowess is not required for these challenges, as each of the tests in this category can be completed by the average person.

Outwit challenges will require the contestants to use their mental resources to complete the task or defeat their opponents.

Outlast challenges will test the determination of each survivor. These are contests that require physical strength and endurance to win.

Each episode will feature at least one challenge from each of the above categories. The survivor who performs poorest in the challenges will be eliminated from the game. Some of the challenges are similar to those found on the US television show "Survivor." Other challenges are based from similar reality-shows aired around the globe, including the Australian and British shows also called "Survivor", the Spanish show "Supervivientes", and the Columbian show "Expedicion Robinson." Still other challenges are derived from different reality shows including "The Amazing Race", "Combat Missions", and "The World's Strongest Man Competition."

With a diversity of challenges to be overcome, the ultimate survivor will truly earn their prize: a pirate's ransom worth more than twelve thousand Japanese Yen. Which contestant will win it all?

Episode 1

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