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News: 20 July 2002
Congratulations, Christopher!
Chris was able to Outplay, Outwit, and Outlast the other seven competitors and win Survivor-Galveston. Find out how the chauffeur from Beverly Hills did it by going to the "Episodes" page.

News: 20 July 2002
Survivor Sequel?
Preparations for the next series of Survivor have already begun. The next series will have new challenges, a more advanced web site, and more excitement. Visit the new "Next" page for more information.

News: 28 June 2002
The New Face of Evil
West Nile Virus, a deadly infliction transmitted to humans by mosquitos, has reached the Texas gulf coast area. Several birds in the Houston area have died due to this disease recently, and since the mosquitos are swarming up and down the coast, a new element of danger has been added to Survivor-Galveston. Click here to go to the CDC site and learn more about the deadly disease.

Survivor-Galveston Update History
11 May 2002... Web Site On-Line
20 May 2002... All Bios Complete With Pictures
12 June 2002... Nautical Alphabet Reminder Sent
17 June 2002... Web Home Page Updated
18 June 2002... First Survey Results Posted
28 June 2002... Web Home Page Updated
1 July 2002... Second Survey Results
13 July 2002... Final Site Update Before the Contest
16 July 2002... Survivor-Galveston Begins
19 July 2002... Chris wins Survivor-Galveston
27 July 2002... Web Site Updated

Just something to think about...

Last week there was a column in the Houston Chronicle sports section about a couple of fisherman at Galveston. The men were fishing from their parked pickup truck on the beach, using ultra-heavy poles and line (made from steel cables instead of monofilament). The equipment, according to the author, was more than adequate to reel in a blue marlin, which is a big fish that fights and pulls on the line with a lot of pressure.

However, instead of fishing for marlin, these guys had rigged their hooks to catch sharks instead. These guys were apparantly quite experienced, as they had caught several sharks before. However, on this particular day, the shark took the bait from the waist-deep water and dragged it out to sea. Eventually the equipment could not take the strain of the battle and it broke. The fish was fighting against steel cables, a high-strength pole, a pickup, and two adult men, and it won. From this data it was concluded that the shark in question was an 8-foot bull shark. Since these guys were unable to catch the shark, that means that its still swimming near the beaches of Galveston Island, looking for another meal...

Bet you can't wait to hit the beach and go swimming!

There Can be Only One!

This summer eight castaways will be stranded on a remote island in the Gulf of Mexico. Seven contestants will walk away empty handed. One competitor will be declared the ultimate survivor and win a cash prize worth more than twelve thousand Japanese Yen.

A series of mental and physical problems await the marooned contestants. The survivors will have to overcome obstacles that will challenge their intellect and push their endurance to the limit. The winner of Survivor-Galveston will be the person who can outplay, outwit, and outlast their opponents.

...And Speaking of Challenges

All interested parties are advised to learn the nautical flag alphabet before the games begin, as it those contestants who know the alphabet will have a distinct advantage. Also, remember that the knowledge of the other material found on the insiders page may at some point in the contest determine who stays in the game and who gets kicked out.

News: 17 June 2002
Shark Wrestling Challenge Update
Due to new environmental laws and regulations, shark wrestling will not take place during Survivor-Galveston as previously planned. Instead, the production crew is trying to arrange for distempered Chilean Sea Bass to be available for one of the challenges.
News: 11 May 2002
Survivors Ready?
With two months left until the eight survivors are marooned on a beach, some contestants are using the time to prepare themselves for the ultimate challenge. Elian, a 15 year old contestant from Santa Clara, Cuba, has elected not to try out for the Bronx Little League team so that he can have more time to prepare himself. Survivor-Galveston contestant Kathy, a casino worker, is working out two times a day, hoping to get her body ready for the physical challenges that await her and the other castaways. The clock is also busy ticking down for the production crew. Plans for the challenges are being finalized and construction of the prop sets has begun. In two months, eight castaways will be challenged to answer this question: Who will be the ultimate survivor?