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Survivor Sequel?

Preparations for the next series of Survivor have already begun. The next series will have new challenges, a more advanced web site, and more excitement. The production crew is soliciting any input or advice for the next series. Tell me which events you like or disliked (we all know how much Kelly loved the tug-of-war event) as well as any suggestions for events, etc.

When the location for the next series of Survivor is finalized, a link will be posted here to direct you to the new website.

Feel free to suggest the next location, as well as suggest when to have the next series: winter? spring? summer? There were plenty of unused events that were planned for Survivor-Galveston, so the next series may return to Galveston. However, my thematic eye is already turned to a different location. The location could support water-oriented events, more adventuresome land challenges, and events with a more wild-west Texan theme. I've already done a little bit of research and think with some adjustments to how the game occured on Galveston that it could be pretty cool. But let me know what your ideas are.