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The rules of Survivor-Galveston are designed to uphold the spirit of the show and also to promote a safe environment for all Survivors and crew members.
    What kinds of challenges are there?
  • All of the events will fall into one of the three categories of Survivor-Galveston: Outwit, Outlast, & Outplay
  • Outwit events are those which primarily use brain power (solving puzzles, remembering details, things of that nature)
  • Outlast events are those which require stamina, strength, and speed (survival of the fittest is the law of nature)
  • Outplay events are skill events that do not require athleticism to win
  • In the first episode, there will be at least two events in each of those categories

  • Will there always be two teams?
  • Five of the first seven events will be events between two teams, the Akokisa and Karankawa tribes
  • Another event in the first 'episode' will be between four teams of two contestants
  • Teammates for the first 'episode' will be matched up randomly
  • After every event, the teams will be rearranged according to a predetermined and random pairing system
  • Everyone will be teamed up with the other seven survivors at least once, and half of the survivors twice, and some will be on the same team for three events

  • How are contestants eliminated from Survivor-Galveston?
  • There will be at least seven events to compete in before anyone is eliminated from Survivor-Galveston
  • In each competition, contestants will have a chance to win points
  • Each event will be worth a certain number of points, with some events worth more points than others
  • Contestants can lose points by cheating in an event, showing poor sportmanship, or by not completing a task
  • After all the events for each first episode are completed, the number of points each survivor has earned will be tallied, and whoever has the fewest number of points will be T-O-A-S-T!
  • In case two or more people are tied for last place, there will be a tiebraker event (either an Outplay, Outwit, or Outlast) between the last place contestants
  • The survivors who do not have to compete in the event will convene at a tribal council to determine which event the contestants compete in

  • Is communication from the outside world allowed?
  • Yes! Although the Survivors will be initially stranded on a remote beach, some events may require the contestants to overcome the elements of modern urban areas
  • However, Survivors will not be allowed to bring a "luxury item" with them when they are stranded on the beach

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