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The second round began late at night on the east beach of Galveston. The contestants had to negotiate a maze, collecting letters along the way. James was the first to emerge from the maze 10 minutes after entering. Chris was the next to find all four letters, completing the maze in 17 minutes. Jenny was next out at 19 minutes, followed by Amy, Katie, and Kelly- finishing as a group at 23 minutes, although Kelly could have finished a minute earlier.

The next challenge took place in the heart of Galveston's historic "Strand" district around midnight. Using a human-sized chess board, each survivor began the game on one of the board's squares and could move one square at a time in any direction. Everytime someone moved on a square, the square was no longer able to be moved into. When a player had no more moves left, they were removed from the game. With a major tactical error on his first move, James was quickly eliminated. The final two survivors left in the game were Katie and Amy, with Amy winning the event.

The following morning, a team challenge awaited the survivors: a triple-tag, two-team tortilla tossing tournament. The team of Katie, Jenny, and James won the event with nine tortillas landing on the target, although James did not earn any points due to his unsportmanslike behavior.

The next event involved casting a fishing pole for distance. Despite winning the event with a cast of 94 feet, 9 inches, James "accidentaly" hit Katie with one of his casts. Even with the painful injury, Katie managed to finish second with a distance of 83 feet, 9 1/2 inches. Kelly, the self-proclaimed fishing expert, finished fourth in the event with a distance of 67 feet 5 1/2 inches.

While not winning that event, Kelly thoroughly enjoyed the next event, which was a series of tug-of-war battles. Neither team gained an upper hand and the event was a draw. However, both Amy and Katie suggested to their teams a strategy that may have given their side the advantage, although both teams ignored these suggestions.

The final event of the round was a 10 question quiz over the wildlife and history of Galveston. In last place going into the final event, Chris answered all ten questions correctly and was able to move on to the next round. Amy managed to only answer three questions correctly, which caused her to be eliminated from Survivor-Galveston along with Kelly. The second round ended with the following point totals:
James: 22 points
Katie: 21 points
Jenny: 20 points
Chris: 18 points
Amy: 16 points
Kelly: 15 points